i wish i had a penguin friend

set of 3 comic books

This listing includes three of the comic books I have written. All are professionally printed.

*****Bad Judgment on my Part:
a comic book that I wrote with my friend Chloe McLeod. It includes 56 stories of various bad boyfriends/dates/crushes that we have had. All the stories are true and very embarrassing. Enjoy our shame
56 pages, greyscale. 5.5"x8"

*****More Bad Judgment on my Part:
I had new collaborators for this one, including two men and two other women. This is a mixture of comics and short stories.
32 pages, greyscale. 5.5"x8" color cover, professionally printed

*****i wish i had a penguin friend (collection)
My first paperback book!
72 pages!
Autobio stories from age 4 to 25.
this is my favorite out of the three