i wish i had a penguin friend

CUSTOM "i wish i had a..."

This is a listing for a CUSTOM digital illustration with the "i wish i had a..." theme.

You will receive a print on semi-gloss photo paper.  It's sealed in a cello bag and packaged in a flat, sturdy mailer for shipping.

Does your friend love unicorns?  Have a fixation on snapper turtles?  Is loco for abominable snowmen?  Nothing is off limits! 

I will contact you once you buy this listing about what animal/creature you would like to feature.  You can also choose the background color and let me know if there are any specific captions that you would like to use.  Or, leave that customization up to me!

Please allow a 2 week turnaround time.


The artist reserves the right to sell the print on her website and in person.  If the purchaser writes any of the captions, they can allow or disallow their use on any further printings.